Top Accomplishments 2020 - 2021

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US JCC Foundation Awards JCI USA 2023 Grant

The U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce Foundation awarded JCI USA a $98,000 grant for 2023. The grant includes full sponsorship of TOYA, State Presidents Retreat, Mid-Year Retreat, and the North American Academy. It also provides additional funds related to travel expenses for growth activities and membership growth incentives. Fully supporting the 4 legacy programs should […]

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The Jaycee foundation improves the lives of thousands every year.

Message from our President

Chairman USJCCF

Benny Ellerbe

The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s purpose is to support our Jaycee organizations, develop future leaders and to serve our communities. The Directors and Trustees of the Foundation are active and former leaders of the US Jaycees, Past National Presidents and Past State/Chapter Leaders. As trustees, we deeply care about the principles and mission of the Jaycee movement and to continue its mission. As our Jaycee Creed states, we firmly believe, “Service to mankind is the Best Work of Life.” We hope that you generously donate to your foundation. Your donation is deductible as a 501c-3 gift and your support will continue to make it possible for the Foundation to support our mission to serve.