To recognize former Jaycees over 40 years of age whose active leadership qualities during their Jaycee career contributed to a continuation
of leadership and service in their communities subsequent to their active Jaycee years. Activities and accomplishments
must exemplify the Jaycee Creed.


Personal improvement or accomplishment.

Financial success or economic innovation.

Leadership in the fields of science, government, religion, the arts, education, or business and professions.

Philanthropic contribution or voluntary service.

Any other important contributions to community, state, or nation.

Serves as an unselfish example of leadership and integrity worthy of emulation by active Jaycees everywhere.


The Jaycees Hall of Leadership is located in The U.S. Junior Chamber Archives and Exhibition Hall in Tulsa, Oklahoma. An
attractive viewing exhibit features biographical data in a permanent display.

A current list of members of the hall of Leadership is also displayed here on the web site.


Inductees will be recognized in Jaycees Magazine and The U.S. Jaycees Foundation’s newsletter. News releases will be sent to hometown
media as specified by the inductee.


A certificate of honor is presented at the annual Hall of Leadership ceremony held in conjunction with The U.S. Junior Chamber
Year-End Meeting. Hall of Leadership inductees or his/her representative, if inductee is deceased, will be expected to attend the ceremony.


Inductees will be chosen by a review committee from nominations submitted by any U.S. Jaycees Foundation trustee or consultant,
donor, or state/local Junior Chamber President. Nominees may be living or deceased. Qualified nominators may submit
more than one nominee.

There is a $300 submission fee, of which $250 will be refunded if the candidate is not selected as an honoree. Submit completed
nomination forms by May 10, 2010 to the following address:

The U.S. Jaycees Foundation Hall of Leadership Program
P.O. 3941
Chesterfield, MO 63006

Download the Hall of Leadership Form Here