In June 1921, Henry Giessenbier Jr. said in his closing remarks at the first annual Jaycees convention,“We have definitely launched a great institution into the world of progress.”

With that, The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce – Jaycees – was officially on its way with a bank balance of $48.21 and a million dollars worth of dreams.

It is with your continued financial support of the United States Jaycees Foundation that will make the “dreams” come true for the members of the Jaycees for years to come!

Jaycees founder Henry Giessenbier Jr. stated:

“In your hands lies the destiny of a great organization. Let us build it to national recognition… Let us not fail in this task!”

Henry Giessenbier Jr.

Your support of the Foundation will guarantee that we will not fail at this task and that the mission of the organization will continue for years to come!