JCI USA Chapter Leaders:


Subject: Impact Grants


Greetings from the US Junior Chamber of Commerce Foundation,


For close to 100 years, generations of Jaycees have gone before you with the goal and hope “That Service to Humanity is the Best Work of life.”


The US Jaycee Foundation, as the primary philanthropic partner for JCI USA, knows that local impact is the optimum way to serve our communities and only at the local level can we thrive and build for the future.


With that in mind, there is a new financial support opportunity available to your chapter. The United States Jaycee Foundation has allocated $200,000 for local chapter “impact grants.” The Foundation has a goal to help Chapters Impact their local communities as you grow the chapter and serve your active members.


One example of to impact communities through the local chapters can be seen from the Houston Asian Junior Chamber of Texas. They saw a need to assist individuals after Hurricane Harvey by helping to purchase necessary items to repair their homes. They received a grant from the Foundation and in a short time period impacted the lives of 10 families. The publicity they received was overwhelming, and all they did was identify a need, create a solution, ask for the funds and expand their communities’ reach.



Grant Requirements:

  • Grant proposals may be submitted in a number of category options, up to $5,000 per project.
  • Please indicate if you have received matching funds.
  • Grant funds cannot be used as a pass through to a third-party entity. project
  • Funding categories include: Membership Growth, Community Development, and Individual Leadership Development


Grant Submission Process:

Grant applications can be obtained from usjayceefoundation.org. Complete the entire form, including all contact information and the Chapter President’s signature. Include supporting information you wish to share with the committee.


The Grant Committee will review the application to determine eligibility and funding allocation. Once your project is completed, you will need to submit a full report or a completed PMG, including photos. The Foundation may request additional information to determine the overall impact.


Please submit proposals to:                    (Deadline for Submission September 15, 2018)


United States Jaycee Foundation

Attn: Grants Committee

P O Box 3941

Chesterfield, Missouri   63006-3941

Or:  Email    jci28243@gmail.com


Chapter proposals will be reviewed at our September 2018 meeting for grants for the 2019 Fiscal year. Matching grant proposals are not required but will be viewed in a positive light.


Yours in Jaycees,






Benny Ellerbe                                                                            Lori Tomlin

Chairman, Foundation                                                                Chairman, Grants Committee