State and Local Chapter Impact Grants

The prime purpose and mission of the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce Foundation is to support the JCI USA States and Chapters in serving their respective members and communities.

Healthy, growing States and Chapters provide a robust team of young leaders and volunteers to provide positive change to their home states and communities.

JCI USA States and Chapters may apply for grants for any project which improves the ability and talents of members or serves the community.

Increased membership, improved leadership skills and service to humanity are all available for Chapter Grants.

View our State & Local Chapter Grant Guidelines

Disaster and Relief Grants

The JCI USA has always been at the forefront in assisting others in need – it is that trait which makes the membership truly unique.

The Foundation has also been on the front lines in providing assistance across the country, and beyond, through grants to chapter and state organizations.

Whether floods or hurricanes, wildfires or tornadoes, the Foundation is a no-cost clearing house for individuals to donate, knowing the funds will be used by JCI USA Chapters in their local communities.

The Foundation stands ready and able to assist JCI USA Chapters in local community relief efforts after a disaster.