The PMG is a tool to plan in detail and assists with the success of JCI projects. No Grant Application will be considered without a completed PMG.

Applicant/Submitter may be a local officer or project chairman but all Grant Applications must be authorized by the President.

The Foundation needs adequate time to properly review, acquire additional information if needed, approve and process applications and payment.

US JCC Foundation will approve up to 50% of total budget not to exceed $5,000.

The Foundation believes that each Chapter should have a vested interest in every project and therefore requires that at least 50% of the project cost be covered by Chapter funds or solicitation of other fund resources.

The purpose of the Foundation is to support the continued success of the JCI USA. Without member activation as well as new member growth, our organization will no longer be able to make community impact.

Our Foundation is to support the projects and activities of JCI USA, with a focus on active involvement by members. We do not support projects that make cash donations to other organizations or capital building projects.

There may be information and details concerning the Chapter that is needed from the National organization.

The Grant funds can only be used for the project requested for and cannot be used for other purposes.

Each approved Grant is for specific project purposes and cannot be transferred to other projects or causes.

If the project is under budget, non-used funds must be returned to the Foundation.

A final PMG that includes number of members activated, number of new members recruited, number of community members impacted and final financial statement, as well as a few pictures of the project must be submitted.

The Foundation reserves the right to suspend guidelines on a case by case basis.

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